4th anniversary match

1st Place  Big Ugly
2nd Place  Hafta B. Fast
4th Place  Yusta B. Fast
6th Place  Mendy
Top Lady  Blue Hawk
3rd Place  2 Buck Chuck
5th Place  Pony
7th Place  Smokin Gun
Raffle Winner  Smokin Gun
FSS Top Gun  2 Buck Chuck
Smokin Gun  vs  Yusta B. Fast
Renegade Dave  vs  Big Ugly
Diamond Lil  vs  Trouble Shootin
Scottish Bandit  vs  Bushwhack Barbie
Hafta B. Fast  vs  Blue Hawk
Seminole Slim  vs  Ruthless
Smokin Gun  vs  Scottish Bandit
Pony  vs  Seminole Slim
Smokin Gun  vs  Yusta B. Fast
2 Buck Chuck  vs  Bushwhack Barbie       Smokin Gun  vs  Black Book
Dough Boy  vs  Click Nick
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