about us

The Flatlanders Shootist Society is a Cowboy Fast Draw Association certified club made up of gunfighters who believe in the "Cowboy Way" friendship, and the promotion of the art of cowboy fast draw.

The fast family

Yusta B. Fast & Wanda B. Fast

                 Hafta B. Fast

   Early in 2012 I watched the 2011 Fastest Gun Alive on the outdoor channel. That was Oregon Rangers first claim to fame. I was hooked. Bought a Uberti Hombre on Gunbroker, stuck it in my right hand Kirkpatrick SASS holster, got a box CFDA brass and wax and started blasting holes in pizza cardboard in the garage.
   Sometime in late 2012-early 13, Von Zipper started up the club in St. Augustine, and in February of 2013 I bought my first Ruger Vaquero from Long Hunter and a CFDA D3 holster from Bob Mernickle. By then I was banging away on a genuine CFDA one lane system. 
   The proposal was made to the board of directors of the local shooting range to accept cowboy fast draw as one of their disciplines, and upon approval we began a hit and miss practice schedule until we could make arrangements to obtain a shooting range for a permanent schedule.
   Over the next ten months, SASS guns and loading equipment were sold off to purchase what was needed to hit the ground running with a full four lane setup when the reality of starting a fast draw club arrived.
   On 3/11/14 paper work was sent in with a check and the Flatlanders Shootist Society was born. On 3/22/14 the first monthly match was held, with the support of ten Floridians and seven awesome gunfighter from Virginia. In July of 2014 I shot my first major match: the very first Eastern Territorial and the Virginia State Championship, which were held in Dublin Virginia. Between this area and Roanoke is where the sport of cowboy fast draw was established in what has become the Eastern Territorial of the CFDA.
   So here we are ………….