Florida state         championship

New date september 18th-20th

   Well how do I start this article by not mentioning how are year started out. With the spread of Covid-19 hitting the country and spreading like wild fire. Bring great concern to all areas of are lives and not just are CFDA family but never aspects of are lives.  Your family, job, going out to eat, travel, concerts and movie theater, beach and parks, & all sports, yep cowboy fast draw too. Leading up to the postponing of are Florida State Match. With the moving of the dates & the location the Florida State Match was reset to go in September 18-20 from are original date of May 1-3. Hats off to all the Cracker Cowboys Crew for making it all happen. 
   Pulling in around 4:00 pm Thursday the 17th to the Flagler County Recreation Area & Fairgrounds in Bunnell Fl. Looking for signs of a fast draw match taking place. You know your in the right place when you see the Cracker Cowboys Shootout In The Swamp mascot gator with a saddle on it,  in front of the back netting up around the ranges. Two 6 lane ranges set up back to back, covering over the firing line, each range had a set of covered bleachers,  real nice public bathrooms, plenty of room to park close, & more then enough room for everybody's pop ups.  This is the third location that they have held the state match at & every time they do and amazing job on the set up of the ranges & using the location to the fullest.
   It's Friday the 18th and the morning of  the Florida State Championship are to start. Category Day Wow some body pitch me because I wasn't sure that this day wasn't going to happen with every thing going on with Covid-19. But Marsal Smokin Gun had assured me a few months before the match will take place. 
   Headed to the match from the hotel room to get sign in. Guns & Holster check to be ready to start shooting. Photo show Easy Money Head Safety Officer & his assent Pony check in a few Flatlanders gun & holsters.
   Match director Marshal Smokin Gun giving all the gunfighters the run down on the days matches. Safety Instruction by Easy Money.  Then the group photo of all the gunfighter who where there ready to start shooting out.
   With Marshal Smokin Gun starts to post up the first round of the category matches to the big gunfighters shooter board. The gunfighters start to come out of the there pop ups to see who will be there first opponent of the day. 
   With are Flamboyant Regulator Von Zipper posseing up gunfighters on range A and US Marshal Smokin Gun posseing up gunfighters on range B, so the gunfighting can began. The load an make ready commons going out, the guns started to go bang & the wax starts a flying.   
   Well the Flatlanders started gunfighting there way though there category matches with 2 Buck Chuck finishing 1st in the Super Seniors & the Shootist. Yusta B. Fast & Chance Ramsay shooting it out in the Golden Guns. With Yusta B. Fast coming out on top finishing 1st place & Chance Ramsay Finishing in 3rd place. Black Book & Hafta B. Fast ended up shooting it out for the top spot of the 49er's. Hafta B. Fast 1X & Black Book 2X, with Black Book winning the first match tieing it up 2Xs each, switching lanes Hafta B. fast wins the match & 1st place 49er's with Black Book finishing 2nd. 
   Saturday morning with rain in the forecast the Flatlanders headed to the Flagler Fairgrounds for the begin of the Florida State Championship. Grabbing your lucky match breakfast sandwich on the way. As the day move on the the rain did not move on, with a little rain then pick up from time to time making a challenge on the firing line staying dry. The wind  blowing the rain around under the covering over the gunfighters, to rain pouring off the covering on to the sleeve of your arm, just as the light comes on.