6th Anniversary Match

   Well. The sixth anniversary of the flatlanders shootist society has come and gone.
   Never, in all my years on this planet, have I had such mixed emotions about an event. Especially one that I was hosting. Having to abide by absolute craziness to get to spend a day with people that I have come to love and respect, has brought a deep feelings into my soul which I am not even allow to speak of the fear of hurt it might bring to those very people. So, end of rant. And on to the heartfelt thanks to all of the amazing gunfighters who showed up on May 30, 2020, to help us celebrate our sixth anniversary in the sport of cowboy fast draw.
   I do want to take the opportunity to apologise to each of you for procrastinating on the attendance. Talk about a bunch of " tough" gunfighters. Six hours of heat, and nothing but water for sustenance !
   Thank you for your attendance. Thank you for your patience. Thank you for your friendship. And thank you for all the high fives, hand shakes and hugs ! I need those more than I dare say.
   From Yusta, Wanda and Hafta, we send our best wishes for the balance of this fastdraw season.