Fastest Gun Alive

    Yes it's another early morning  wake up roll call to grab a couple bags & head to the airport for a early morning flight, Tampa to Phoenix Arizona then to Reno Nevada with a little over an hour drive to Fallon, Nevada "aka" Home of the Fastest Gun Alive.
    Arrive at the airport about 5:30 AM to the American Airlines to check some bags with Firearm, No problems with the check bags, so off to catch a shuttle to the airside terminal headed though security check point, take off the boots, belt, cowboy hat, then the carry on bag, but hold on security holds my carry on bag for more inspection, asked to stand at a counter an not touch the bag or anything in it, security pulled out my bag of dunkin coffee factory seal and swab it down, then put swab in the test machine then the bells & whistle went off. OMG it's the 
    Hafta B. Fast & Little Money Men's & Ladies Florida Resident Champions getting ready to take on the largest group, of some of the best gunfighters, at a fast draw match you will ever encounter. Both gunfighters finished 3rd place in there division at the Florida State Championship match, with Hafta B. Fast finishing 3rd place to Big Ugly & Old West, But more impressive Little Money 3rd place to Miss Shotwell & Alotta Lead, a youth shooting in the ladies division. With rumors of NO future plans for another Florida State Championship Match in 2020, I can only hope that this isn't the last picture of Florida Resident Champions at the Fastest Gun Alive. This years Florida gunfighters turn out, up from the 4 Florida gunfighters last year. 10 men & 1 gal made the trip out to Fallon, Neveda.
    Here's the 3 Flatlanders that made the trip to Fallon, Neveda. Black Book making his first appearance at the Fastest Gun Alive. Hafta B. Fast & 2 Buck Chuck second go around at Worlds, in 2018 Hafta B. Fast making the Magnificent 7, second seed finishing 3rd place & 2 Buck Chuck finishing 11th place with a 3rd place finish in Top Gun Points for the year. This year Hafta B. Fast coming as the Florida Resident Champion & 2 Buck Chuck as the Eastern Territory Resident Champion. Both hoping for a repeat performance of 2018. 
    Here's a picture of B.A. the morning after the Life Member's Dinner not sure if it was the water on the tables or something in the dinner that had a few gunfighters still dressed in the Steam Punk theme. B.A. & his wife Slowpoke a long time friend of the Fast Family & help welcome the fast family into the fast draw family back at the first Eastern Territory match held in Dublin, Virginia 2014.
    Now I like to back up a few weeks ago to a text I received from this gunfighter Long Ranger asking me, Hey buddy Are you going to Worlds ? My reply Yes Sir, when another text said  See you there, My reply On the  firing line, then the last text, Coming to get what's mine with emoji that had teases pouring out. Long Ranger a 49er gunfighter who I've had many a gunfight with over the years, and now a good friend & shooting buddy & good to see him one more time before the end of shooting season.  Well not sure if he found what's mine or not, And we still stuck out on the "Not your Mama Meatloaf" again, have had a hell of a time finding meatloaf for dinner on the road this year. Best Meatloaf on the way home from the Florida State at Chicken Pantry in Bunnell, Fl.