kentucky state championship

   It was an early morning wake up call,  cooler in the back of the truck &  gun bag into the back seat.  Headed out with a stop to grab another willing gunfighter to make the trip to Kentucky.    Headed up US 19 to Tallahassee to pick up I-10 headed west, Seamed very quit as we drove though the hurricane hit area of the Florida panhandle with most trees broken off & only 15 to 20 feet tall and no foliage. Than over to grab highway 231 north to Montgomery, Alabama, hop on I-65 to Bowling Green, Kentucky & on to Hartford.                                                                                           On I-65 at one of the rest areas along the way you will see the rocket that's in the photo. Huntsville, Al. was the home of the Marshall Space Flight Center government's civilian rocketry & spacecraft propulsion research center. They design & tested the rocket engines that were used on Saturn launch vehicles for the Apollo NASA space missions. Below the photos of the Flatlanders staking claim to are spot in the fort at the Kentucky State Championships and bungee up on the fort wall the Flatlanders banner making it official.
   Here's a picture of the Flatlander posse that meet up at the Kentucky State Championship from left to right Hafta B. Fast, Chance Ramsay, Shenandoah Drifter, 2 Buck Chuck, & Black Book. On Thursday Shenandoah Drifter Finished 2nd place in the Charity Shoot to Big Ugly. This was Chance Ramsay first state match  & had no trouble holding he's own against some of the best gunfighters there. This also was Black Book's first trip to the Kentucky State match. 
   Photo below shows the whole gang who shot the Kentucky State Championship match at the fort in the Ohio County Fairgrounds. Can you find the Flatlanders in this photo, you will hafta  look very hard to find all of the posse, hint look in the back row of the picture for most of the gang by the gate.  
   Friday is category day a cool morning but got warm & muggy fast with a little breeze, as the flatlanders posse take on there category matches, Traditional, 49er's, Super Senior's & Golden Guns. Black Book bet out Green River for 1st place Traditional, Hafta B. Fast edge out Pawnee Paul for 1st place 49er's, 2 Buck Chuck out shooting Diamondback Billy for 1st place Super Senior's, with Shenandoah Drifter coming in 3rd place & Chance Ramsay coming in 5th in the Golden Gun's.                   Photos below of the Flatlanders receiving there awards at the banquet with Big Ugly filling in for 2 Buck Chuck.  In the shootist match 2 Buck Chuck finish 6th place leaving it up to Hafta B. Fast to try to take home the 1st place shootist, but Green River would have none of that & took out his "Black Book Traditional match frustrations" on Hafta, ending it fast. But Hafta didn't go down with out a fight, pulling one of his fastest time of the weekend a .411 with the long gun & finishing in 2nd place.
   Photo above with the three 1st place category winners outside the fort with there awards for one of the new Virginia fan H8full,  after we had pack up to head back to Florida.        Ok lets move on to the Kentucky State Championship match, cooler morning & a nice breeze blowing all day.                                                          So in the first 2 rounds all flatlanders remained clean, along with Chance Ramsay & Black Book receiving a bull's eye madallion that went to the first 15 shooters to hit the lens.                                                                                                     Then round 3 Chance Ramsay, 2 Buck Chuck, & Shenandoah Drifter take there first X's with Hafta B. Fast & Black Book remaining clean.             Round 4 Chance Ramsay & Hafta B. Fast taking his first X, with 2 Buck Chuck & Shenandoah Drifter winning & both at 1X, leaving Black Book still clean.                                           Round 5 with Hafta B. Fast taking his 2X & Chance Ramsay staying at 2X's, 2 Buck Chuck & Shenandoah Drifter with 1X, & Black Book still at 0X's.                                                                                               Round 6 Hafta B. Fast taking his 3X, Shenandoah Drifter getting his 2X, Chance Ramsay winning & holding at 2X's, 2 Buck Chuck at 1X, & Black Book taking his first X.                               Round 7 had Shenandoah Drifter taking his 3X & Hafta B. Fast holding at 3X's, Chance holding at 2X's, with Black Book & 2 Buck Chuck at 1X each to end the first day of the Kentucky State Championship.
    Sunday and final day of the Kentucky State Championship and round 8 of the state met the doom of 2 Flatlanders Shenandoah Drifter & Hafta B Fast with Shenandoah Drifter round out time of .433 edge out Hafta B Fast round out time of .462 finishing 22nd & 23rd.
    Chance Ramsay shot Cherokee John, who ended clean by the end of Saturday,  in rounds 8 & 9 Chance Ramsay drew Cherokee John giving him his first 2 X's. Losing rounds 10 & 11 and finding himself in a shoot-off for 11th-15th and a 5 way shoot-out for those placements. Winning his first match,then in a bye round, his last match coming up just a little short but finishing in 13th place at the Kentucky State Championship, with fastest time .482,  AWESOME FINISH Chance !!
    Now on to the 2 remaining Flatlanders left in the state match 2 Buck Chuck & Black Book winning all of there matches until round 12 with 2 Buck Chuck losing his match putting Black Book the only shooter with 1X or 1st Seed. After 12 rounds of shooting the Magnificent 7 was set with Black Book 1st seed & 2 Buck Chuck 2nd seed for the magnificent 7 shoot-off. 
    Before we finish up the shoot-off, there's the resurrection match that gets shot after the 8 round has been finish which is a 2 out of 3- 2X match. With Hafta B. Fast  jumping into the Zombie match. Getting by a couple kids, a lady, & a few shifty men coming out with no X's after 5 rounds with Tin Can Jac from NY & the host of the Kentucky state match Shane. 2 bye rounds would be needed before the next gunfighter went down, with all gunfighters hitting the targets in both bye rounds and Tin Can Jac edging out Hafta B. Fast & Shane winning both, then Hafta B. Fast betting Shane both times. With 2 gunfighter left for first Zombie, Tin Can Jac winning the first match then Hafta B. Fast wins the next 2 matches for the 1st place resurrection winner. Photo below of Hafta B. Fast receiving awards & match results page.
    Let finish the shoot-offs youth shot first with Wild Horse winning. Than the  ladies magnificent 7, it was decided in the 9 round with 3 lady gunfighters going out in that round, bye round 1X shoot-off for 7th seed for the ladies magnificent 7. The 3 ladies Wildfire, Ms. Cisco, & Simply Sophisticated and when the smoke cleared Wildfire coming out on top and headed to the ladies mag 7 with Ms. Cisco Coming 8th & Simply Sophisticated ended up 9th place. With 5 ladies at 3X's & Wildfire shooting her way into the Magnificent 7 #1 seed Calamity Pam from Virginia with 0X's clean. As the shoot -off shakes out with the ladies, 5th seed Crazy Jane coming up short with her long gun finishing 7th place, 4th seed Outlaw Angel finishing in 6th place, 6th seed Cherokee's Lady made it up to 5th place before being knocked out, 7th seed Wildfire shooting her way to 4th place & the Kentucky ladies highest finisher or Ladies Kentucky State Resident Champion, 2nd seed Billy Sioux  losing to 3rd seed Traveler, & then #1 seed Calamity Pam out hitting Traveler, winning both her matches & sealing the deal winning the Ladies Kentucky State Championship with 0X's, no loses in the shoot-off, Awesome shooting & congratulation to Calamity Pam.
    Now the men's magnificent 7 with 5 shooters with 3X's, 2 Buck Chuck receiving his 2X in the 12 round, leaving Black Book  at 1X making him the #1 seed for the men's shoot-off.  With 6th seed Trapper Dan betting 7th seed Grim & 5th seed Jayhawker finishing 5th, Grim getting by Jayhawker finishing 6th place, Jayhawker finishing 7th place, & leaving the top 4. So here's how the rest shakes out, with 4th seed Green River betting Trapper Dan, then losing to Jackass Jiles & then to 2 Buck Chuck finishing 4th place making him the highest Kentucky men's shooter or the Kentucky State Resident Champion. Down to 3 gunfighter left #1 seed Black Book putting up a fight, but going down to Jackass Jiles & 2 Buck Chuck finishing in 3rd place congrats to Black Book on his best finish this year. Well its Jackass Jiles & 2 Buck Chuck for the Championship with 2 Buck Chuck coming out on the short end of the stick as they say & finishing in 2nd place with Jackass Jiles winning the Men's Kentucky State Championship. So photos below showing Black Book & 2 Buck Chuck receiving there awards with Hafta B. Fast excepting Chance Ramsay 13th place award because he had hit the road. 
    To sum up the one question that was asked, What the hell are they feeding them damn Flatlanders ? Well we would like to thank Green River for that answer to that, its his favorite restaurant Capper's Café, if you want to bet the man you must first eat like the man . Ok 5 Buck Lisa aka 2 Buck Chuck's wife Lisa took lunch orders every day along with the help of her Mom to keep all the Flatlanders gunfighter feed and ready for a gunfight, so big thanks for are lucky lunch from Capper's Cafe & there dinners are awesome too. A huge thanks to 5 Buck Lisa & her Mom  for looking after the Flatlander posse. Well if you didn't get to make it here's just a little bit of what you may have missed. Photo below showing some Flatlanders not saying good bye but saying see you down the trail & on the next firing line. But those Virginians just wanted to find out what we all were eating Hahaha. Have video of the final matches will add to the bottom of page soon so check back. Happy Trails to y'all Hafta B. Fast & the Fast Family Yusta B. Fast & Wanda B. Fast