Virginia state championship

Showdown in Dixie

   Hey gang just in case u haven't already heard how the Virginia State Championship turn out. 5 Florida gunfighters made the trip to Amelia Va. in June for the Showdown in Dixie. 3 Flatlanders an 2 Cracker Cowboys. Picture above the Flatlanders staking claim to a spot in the rodeo arena. But how ever the hour prior was a blinding rain storm that blew down large branches and brought down a few trees on to I-85 then popped out the other side to the sunny photo above. 
   A great day for shooting on Category day, with 2 Buck Chuck winning Seniors, Hafta B. Fast winning 49ers, Black Book 5th in Traditional and posted 4th fastest time with a .383 in the category match. Next up Shootist Match, with Black Book borrowing a rig from Charles City Kid to jump into his first shootist match and came in died last or 17th. At the end once again, shooting it out with Green River who edge out 2 Buck Chuck for 1st Place, 2 Buck Chuck finish 2nd, & Hafta B. Fast coming in 3rd. 
   Next day of shooting the Showdown in Dixie, the Virginia State Championship another sunny day an windy from time to time to start shooting it out for the championship. Giving out X's and taking X's then after 8 rounds of shooting 2 Buck Chuck  2X's, Black Book 3X's, & Hafta B. Fast 3X,s going in to Sunday for a chance to make it in the Mag 7 shoot out.                                 On Sunday with only 15 shooter still alive, after 9th round  5 more gunfighters went to boot hill leaving the top 10, round 10 took out 2 flatlanders Black Book & Hafta B. Fast along with Kopper Head Kid, that turn out to be a bye round shoot out for 8th-10th place. With all 3 shooters missing the first two shots then Kopper Head Kid winning the bye round, leaving the 2 flatlanders to taking center stage to see who will shoot it out with Kopper Head Kid. After 5 shots fired the match was over Hafta hit all 5 shots but not good enough for Black Book's 3 hits, his .385 beating Hafta's .488 sending Hafta B. Fast in to 10th place finish. Then Black Book ready for his shot at Kopper Head Kid, an wins the match for 8th place with a winning time .349. Now the Mag 7 shoot out with 2 Buck Chuck seeding 2 an finishing 3rd place an just missing his chance at the state title losing to Green River. The flatlanders came in 3rd  8th & 10th place at the Showdown in dixie.
   Well the secret's out, on Father's day was the first ever Flatlanders merch to hit the streets, yep black hat with the flatlanders logo on front and Flatlanders Shootist Society on back. These hats were on display in Va. as 2 Buck Chuck, Hafta B. Fast & Black Book wore them proudly, even to the firing line but Mongo reminded Black Book he would need his cowboy hat oops. They will be on sale at the next flatlanders match for $20.00 each, don't miss your chance to get your hands on one.