2019 Florida state & eastern u.s. territorial championship

    Florida state &

eastern territorial

   Hats off to the Cracker Cowboys crew for a job well done on
the presentation of the 2019 Florida State/Eastern Territorial  
CFDA cowboy fast draw championship.
   The field of competition consisted of gunfighter from
FL,CA,WI,SC,GA,VA,NV,AL,ME and SD. We were fortunate to
have Cal and Dinah with us this year. It is always great to get to
share time with those two amazing people.
   Four full days of gunfights with four gunfighters
representing the flatlanders shootist society; here are their
   Hafta B. Fast.....1st in Category, 3rd in State, 11th in Eastern Territorial
     Fl. State Resident Champion.
   2 Buck Chuck.....1st in Shootist, 2nd in Category, 5th in State, 
     2nd in Eastern Territorial
   Black Book.....12th in State, 7th in Eastern Territorial, 
     Winner of the Cracker Cowboy gun raffle.
   Yusta B. Fast.....16th in State, 15th in Eastern Territorial, 4th in Category
2nd in Ressurection Match.
   Four days of slapping leather with some of the finest folks on the
planet. New gunfighters placing in surprising finishing position and old gunfighters showing skills that only years of experience can produce.
Many new friendship were created, and many old ones revisited and
   We hope that all who not able to attend, will find a way to make it in
2020.For those who could not, we missed you.
   As soon as the final results are available, we will post them here for
all to see.Until then, thanks for looking us up.
           Yusta B., Wanda B., & Hafta B. Fast