The Flatlanders January Match consisted of eighteen gunfighters who gathered to make up a great day of fun and well rounded mixture of gun-handling skills.
   Lefty Slade, one of our newer members, managed to shoot his way through the six rounds of elimination, to find himself with only one X and fifth seed position.
   Island, the director of our newest Florida club, the 45 Sidekicks, seeded seventh and worked that into a second place finish. Joining him in representing the Sidekicks were Lady Concho, Marlboro Man, BS Shooter. We thank you all for sharing in our day of fun. And it was great seeing Lady Concho back to wearing a six-gun. 
   Shenandoahs visiting daughter and husband shared their day with us, shooting as "Newbie" and "Opps". That little gal is definitely a chip of the ole block  when it comes to handling a six-shooter.
   Our ole pard Dublin Kid stopped by to assure us he is well on the mend and ready to strap on iron and "get back into it" very soon.
   As always our amazing scoring ladies managed a great day of "traditional" scoring when the laptop failed to kick start. Great job Wanda B. Fast and 5 Buck Lisa.
One more monthly match before our Fifth Anniversary Match Fourth Saturday of March


1.2 Buck Chuck                    1X/.461     2.Hafta B. Fast                    1X/.474     3.Yusta B. Fast                    1X/.540    4.Renegade Dave            1X/.687     5.Lefty Slade                       1X/.701     6.Shenandoah Drifter   2X/.454    7.Island                                   2X/.494  


1 . 2 Buck Chuck                                           2 . Island                                                        3 . Hafta B. Fast                                          4 . Shenandoah Drifter                         5 .Yusta B. Fast                                            6 . Renegade Dave                                 7 . Lefty Slade                                            8 . Black Book                       2X/.528      9 . Marlboro Man                 3X/.851      10 . Seminole Slim               4X/.551      11 . Ruthless                            4X/.596     12 . Pecos Bill                         4X/.715       13 . Lady Concho                 4X/1.016
14 . Newbie                             4X/1.229
15 . BS Shooter                      5X/.721
16 . Opps                                   5X/.930
17 . Norsk Kid                          5X/1.022
18 . Six Spinner                      5X/1.042