The Flatlanders assembled nine gunfighters to participate in the carnage at the February monthly match. All attendees were seeded for the shoot-off after six no-X-out rounds of elimination.
   The weather was great, but is showing signs for the need to break out the "air circulators" for comfort.
   The next monthly match will be our fifth anniversary match, with dinner and awards for top lady and tops seven overall shooters.
   There are still plenty of squares available for the cash drawing, which will take place on match day. If all squares are not filled, we will draw for the cash that is available and pay out 1/3 to the lucky winner
   Here are the results for February. hope to see ya'll in March.


1...Yusta B. Fast                        0X/.
2...2 Buck Chuck                      1X/.387
3...Black Book                          2X/.458
4...Shenandoah Drifter     2X/.483
5...Seminole Slim                   2X/.511
6...Six Spinner                         3X/.788
7...Chance Ramsay                4X/.659
8...Pecos Bill                             4X/.741
9...Lefty Slade                         6X/.844


1...2 Buck Chuck                           
2...Shenandoah Drifter
3...Yusta B. Fast
4...Seminole Slim
5...Black Book
6...Chance Ramsay
7...Six Spinner
8...Lefty Slade
9...Pecos Bill
Thanks to all who came to play. And thanks to Wanda B. Fast for making sure they played well together.