It was a great day for gunfight. First of five days with no morning rains. Seven fans created artificial breezes, and ten gunfighters assembled for a day of fun and friendship.
   BS Shooter and Blaster made it down from the 45sidekicks, our good friend Mendy made the trek all the way from St. Augustine, and Chance talked an old shooting compadre, Shilo Jasper Green into trying cowboy fast-draw for the first time.
   Our assistant score keeper Lisa was there to assist Wanda B. Fast with keeping up with X counts, drawing rounds, and seeding.
   Rather than shooting top five or a mag 7, the gang decided we might as well shoot-off the entire roster, so seeding was calculated for all ten gunfighters and the shoot-off for the top proceded.
   Here are the results of the may lay that transpired.
   Thank Y'all for coming. We enjoyed your company. Congrats to 2 Buck Chuck for top gun, fastest time of .391 and winning the 50/50.


1..2 Buck Chuck                        0X/.391
2..Hafta B. Fast                        0X/.485
3..Black Book                            2X/.428
4..Chance Ramsay                 2X/.771
5..Yusta B. Fast                         3X/.545
6..Mendy                                     4X/.527
7..Ruthless                                  4X/22.00
8..Shiloh                                      5X/.689
9..Blaster                                    5X/.863
10..BS Shooter                          5X/22.00  


1..2 Buck Chuck
2..Black Book
3..Hafta B. Fast
5..Yusta B. Fast
6..Chance Ramsay
7..BS Shooter
Fastest Time 2 Buck Chuck  .391