Thank y'all for Comin out. Hope ya had a good time. 
   We sure enjoyed havin ya !
   Hope to see ya in July. 
  Tell yer friends to send us their email address and we will give them the match results each time they participate.
Those marked with a # I do not have
   Thanks Yusta ,Wanda & Hafta B. Fast


1..Shenandoah Drifter        1X/.496
2..Island                                       1X/.515
3..Marlboro Man                      2X/.562
4..Skully                                      3X/.483
5..Yusta B. Fast                        3X/.556
6..Chance Ramsay                4X/.783
7..BS Shooter                             5X/.746
8.. Dublin Kid                            5X/.943


1..Shenandoah Drifter    
2..Yusta B. Fast
4..Skully  # 
5..Marlboro Man  #
6..Chance Ramsay
7..Dublin Kid
8..BS Shooter  #