March 23rd 2019 marked the calendar for the fifth annual match of the Flatlanders Shootist Society. And what a great match it was. Dominated by the Cracker Cowboys from the eastern coast with four out of seven top spots going to dirty rotten no good ………… oops, sorry. Kinda let my old mind drift off there for a second #@!%&/]#!
   We had gunfighters from five Florida clubs in attendance . A fantastic display of fast draw prowess and tons of hugs, hand-shakes, and "great to see ya again" moments. Ans several surprises in the way folks placed when all the smoke had cleared. I will mention here and now, that with the growth in our "cowgirl" participation, the sixth anniversary match at the Flatlanders ranch will have awards for at least the top three.
   With all of the amazing growth of experienced membership in attendance, this is by far, the least stressful annual we have ever hosted . There was never a shortage of qualified personal to take over any position on the range that needed to be filled. I am extremely proud of the personal dedication to our sport that a large percentage of our newer shooters across the state have taken upon themselves.
   Thank you to the entire Flatlander crew for getting us this far in the game. There is no way we could pull it off without you. 
   This year, rather than finding an item to raffle as a club fund raiser, we chose to simply raffle $ CASH $. By getting such a late start, only 30 of the available 50 squares were sold, so the payout was $150 rather than the $250 as intended. but it didn't seem to dampen Black Books enthusiasm as he stepped up to claim his winnings with the number 44.
   We thank each and every participant for making this our greatest match to date, and we hope to see you often as we move though time toward our sixth year in this fantastic sport of cowboy fast draw.
   Love ya all...……….. keep em on the plate !
                                                                                                                   Yusta, Wanda & Hafta 


1..2 Buck Chuck                         0X/.414
2..Hafta B. Fast                         0X/.496
3..Smokin Gun                           1X/.468
4..Shenandoah Drifter        1X/.485
5..Gunsmoke                              1X/.503
6..Chuckwagon                        1X/.644
7..Mendy                                       2X/.496


1..Hafta B. Fast     
2..2 Buck Chuck
3..Smokin Gun
5..Shenandoah Drifter
8..Seminole Slim                    2X/.529
9..Six Spinner                           2X/.768
10..Gypsy Girl                           2X/.807
11..Black Book                         3X/.474
12..Island                                    3X/.514
13..Yusta B. Fast                      3X/.535
14..Slim Jim Garrett              3X/.566
15..Pecos Bill                            3X/.657
16..Click Nick                            3X/.689
17..Chance Ramsay               3X/.741
18..Marlboro Man                  3X/.761
19..Blue Hawk                          3X/.920
20..Lefty Slade                       4X/.729
21..Coyote Cody                      4X/.814
22..Lucky Lady                        5X/.550
23..Dublin Kid                           5X/.878
24..Lady Concho                    5X/.979
25..Mustang Diane                5X/.982
26..Misfire                                   5X/.1.150
27..Pony                                       6X/.396               

 Ladies Results

1..Gypsy Girl               10th Place    Top Lady
2..Blue Hawk             19th Place
3..Lucky Lady            22nd Place
4..Lady Concho        24th Place
5..Mustang Diane    25th Place 
6..Misfire                       26th Place